FRP Pipe Sales

In collaboration with Future Pipe Industries (FPI), a global leader in manufacturing of FRP pipe, ICD supplies FRP pipe, designs irrigation infrastructure, and provides local support and training for your irrigation project. ICD has delivered and installed 218,000′ (approximately 41 miles) of FRP pipe from 2019 to 2024, in the Columbia Basin region of the Northwest, for irrigation infrastructure projects. FRP pipe has been used in multiple industries for over 40 years and there is over 40,000 miles of FRP pipe installed worldwide. It is truly a time tested product. ICD can also handle the entire process from design to startup, if you choose, to insure you get the most efficient and cost effective results from your project.


ICD and it’s partner FPI will handle all of the logistics of getting your pipe from the manufacturing floor to your site. We will provide real-time tracking from the start of the manufacturing process, to loading it on the ship, across the ocean, onto the trucks, and to your site. We have years of experience in this process and have learned to make it as seamless as possible. ICD is your single source for ensuring your pipe gets manufactured, shipped and delivered on-time and within budget.

Installation Training

ICD/FPI can provide installation and repair training for your construction crew or operations crew if you choose the do it yourself method. Our Field Services team can provide supervision and technical assistance to ensure the correct execution of pipelaying, field cuts and joints. All USA projects have a dedicated Field Service team to assist you in the installation process. We can provide a range of Training and Qualification programs in pipe handling, lamination, and repair and pipe jointing. If you choose not to do it yourself we can provide Project and Construction Management services.

ICD clients will benefit from reduced costs and a high quality solution regardless of which solution approach you choose.



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